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Monday - Friday 10.00 - 17.00

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The Danish Bank (Danske Bank)
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CVR. no. 33292929

Welcome to TIMBUKTU

TIMBUKTU is a new name on the Danish travel & adventure scene. But certainly not without experience.

The idea behind our work was born on a trip to Burma and Laos in 2001. Since then the thought of going on adventures has been in our minds. A very good dinner and a long evening of travel talk in the winter of 2003 resulted in the proclamation: “If nobody else is going to take out the kayak, we’ll do it ourselves!”.

Therefore, we are now proud to present the combination of our own travel-joy and enthusiastic work which makes it possible for us to offer others unique travel experiences. Adventures combining nature and culture experiences with kayak and trekking activities.

TIMBUKTU works with respectable travel agents around the world, also as a net-agent selling and promoting international group tours.

TIMBUKTU is a sub-brand to TIMBUKTU/Travelling Heels , a private limited company, which also holds Travelling Heels (www.travelheels.dk) - adventure travel for women.

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